Updated in July 9, 2024
I’m making things.
A lot of different things. All the time.
I enjoy making money while I’m being creative.
Aprender Design





Founding Head of UX and Design


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I’m spending some time every
week shaping these projects


    Helping freelance creatives and their clients managing additional work, getting paid and finishing projects. It’s a common issue that freelancers have to deal with additional work that wasn’t planned and some clients that take advantage of the situation. This tool acts as a mediator between the two parties, facilitating requests and payments.



    Platform focused on photographers and photography enthuasiasts. This will be a set of tools and resources to help photographers to grow and manage multiple aspects of their business.



    An out-of-the-radar, unconnected and agnostic tool that helps with tracking expenses. Expense tracking tools are usually super integrated with other tools and offer more information than necessary. This tool offers simple mechanisms to keep expenses under control.


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